LBB Interview: Getting Really Nerdy with Carbon Designer Yongho Kim

Meet Carbon motion designer, Yongho Kim. Driven by a love of design, all things moving and breaking new ground through advancement in tools and his R&D process, Yongho chatted with LBB about his favorite projects, images and inspirations.

LBB: What aspects of design do you get really nerdy about personally?

Yongho: Color, shape and motion are the key elements that really drive my work. And the initial design, style frame and R&D stage has always been key to my process. It is where I can definitely say I ‘get really nerdy’!

It is the moment when I really start to absorb information about the brand I’m working with and visualize it with shapes and color. Having concrete styleframes also helps guide the brand to figure out key visuals for their campaign. This is my favourite part of the design process and the main reason why I wanted to move into design. I love to explore uncharted territory.

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