Amazon Kids+
Curiosity Unlocked
Director Raúl B Fernández - Cap Gun
Agency Mekanism

Case Study


  • Creative Director Matthew Stevens
  • Colorist Bree Brackett
  • Executive Producer Matthew McManus
  • Producer Nathan Lueptow
  • Executive Producer, Color Natalie Westerfield
  • VFX Supervisor Isaac Irvin
  • 2D Lead Tommy Smith
  • CG Lead Sam Gierasimczuk
  • CG Lead Alex Rumsa
  • 2D Artist Hannah Barnes
  • 2D Artist Brendan Smith
  • 2D Artist David Cam
  • 2D Artist Jon Jamison
  • 2D Artist Andrew Siner
  • CG Artist Will Moody
  • CG Artist Sean Skube
  • CG Artist Mike Penny
  • CG Artist Steven Browning
  • CG Artist Jean Delaunay
  • CG Artist DJ Kim
  • Designer Carlos Nieto
  • Designer Yong Ho Kim
  • Designer Momo Zhao
  • Designer Ben Girdwood
  • Animator Alex Rumsa
  • Animator Patrick Arrington
  • Animator Josh Delaney
  • Animator Andrew Boccio
  • Animator Tyler Heacox
  • Animator Wes Kandel
  • FX Ryan Hussain


  • Brand Amazon Kids
  • Director Raúl B Fernández
  • Production Company Cap Gun
  • Producer Rita LeRoux
  • Director of Photography Raúl B Fernández
  • Agency Mekanism
  • Producer Martin Risberg
  • CD Max Eastman
  • ACD Lauren Culbertson
  • Copywriter Morgan Cavanaugh
  • Editorial Company Whitehouse Post
  • Editor Brian Gannon
  • Sound Company Sound Lounge

There is nothing better than a kid’s curiosity and imagination. Looking at the world through their playful lens was a dream project for us in this series of films designed to launch Amazon Kids+, their new app for kids to learn, grow and explore.

Partnering with Amazon, Mekanism and Cap Gun director Raúl B Fernández, the brief was to design multiple worlds of creativity, showcasing all the content available across the app. Yes, you guessed it, lots of cartoon ‘research’ and re-reading of our favorite comics was needed.


Ever wondered what it looks like for your kids when all those synapses are firing? We found ourselves asking this question a lot, and then illustrated these colorful worlds to float around each head. Led by Carbon Creative Director Matthew Stevens, Mat explains “We had a lot of fun building out each realm and blending the elements for a seamless design.”


Building Blocks

You can’t build a world without sharks! You also need pyramids, coral reefs, volcanoes and flying pigs of course. So, our CG team built them all, along with multiple animation rigs for each fantastical movement.


The Crown = The Glue

We developed a liquid simulation to wrap around each head, and like to think of it as a crown holding each world together in a colorful swirl.


The Final Campaign

Featured across Amazon’s website, social channels and broadcast on a tv near you, the campaign taps into a child’s excitement to learn and includes multiple worlds ready to be explored.

Check out more of Carbon Creative Director Matthew Steven’s world building in Sony ‘LinkBuds‘.