Director Joel Kefali - Rattling Stick
Agency Martin Agency

Case Study

Carbon had the pleasure of teaming up with The Martin Agency to craft a unique, mouthwatering campaign for delivery giant DoorDash. Two :30 scripts called for over 50 unique shots requiring brand approval from the likes of McDonald’s, Chili’s, Wendy’s, Chipotle, Buffalo Wild Wings, and The Cheesecake Factory.

We worked closely with director Joel Kefali and the team at Rattling Stick throughout pre-production, our combined energies providing for the client’s desire for a campaign that leaned heavily on “mixed media,” with a visual motif that showcased not only the diversity in types of food-delivery offered by the brand, but also a diversity in how the food was displayed on screen–think photoreal, 8-bit animation, design, 2D animation AE style, 2D animation cel style, and stop motion.

After the week long shoot in LA, we simultaneously designed, illustrated, animated, and composited each shot with our highly skilled team of artists across our LA and Chicago offices. The end tag is particularly exiting; we wanted to offer a fresh cel animated solution, so we created a 3D reference animation to accompany our style frames for approval.

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  • Colorist Aubrey Woodiwiss
  • Color Assistant Ale Amato
  • Color Assistant Briana Brackett
  • Executive Producer Matt McManus
  • VFX Producer Anwei Chen
  • VFX Producer Lauryn Grimando
  • CG Supervisor Mat Stevens
  • Designer Marco Oryx
  • CG Lead Beau Cameron
  • CG Lighter Danka Chiang
  • Flame Artist John Price
  • Flame Artist Ujala Saini
  • Illustrator/Animator Tiago Majuelos
  • Illustrator/Animator Matty Deans
  • Illustrator/Animator Robery Wallace
  • Illustrator/Animator Frances Haszard
  • CD Jeff Boddy
  • 3D Generalist Josh Van Praag
  • 3D Generalist Brody Davis
  • Illustrator/Animator Margaret Bialis


  • Director Joel Kefali
  • Production Company Rattling Stick
  • Executive Producer Joe Biggins
  • Executive Producer Jeff Shupe
  • Head of Production Richard McIntosh
  • Producer Joey Zadwarny
  • Director of Photography Larkin Seiple
  • Agency The Martin Agency
  • ACD Devin Heatley
  • CCO Karen Costello
  • CD Jonathan Richman
  • CD Alex Zamiar
  • EVP/ECD/MD Jerry Hoak
  • Senior Art Director Brittany Tooker
  • Senior Producer Liza Miller
  • Editorial Company Work Editorial
  • Editor Trish Fuller