Oscar Mayer
Keep It Oscar
Director Kyle Sauer - Neighborhood Watch
Agency Johannes Leonardo

Case Study

Fresh out of the CG oven comes Oscar Mayer’s ‘Keep It Oscar’. A campaign full of unexpected moments designed to make you smile. ‘Sandwich Bed’ is a beautiful breadtime story, made up of many layers. ‘Laser Eyes’ is full of lightning fast griller looks and a jumping hot-dog, what else were you expecting?

Meet the full Editor’s Pick campaign in Creativity and Ad Age, where Kraft Heinz was named one of Ad Ages’ Marketers of the Year. Congrats to the whole #KeepItOscar team!


  • Executive Producer Nick Haynes
  • Producer Krystle Timm
  • VFX Supervisor Tobey Lindback
  • Lead CGI Artist Dan Fine
  • Previz Artist Ryan O’Phelan
  • Color Executive Producer Laurie Adrianopoli
  • Color Producer Dan Butler
  • Colorist Aubrey Woodiwiss


  • Brand Kraft Heinz
  • VP, Head of Strategy & Development,
  • Meal Foundations & Coffee Jess Vultaggio
  • VP, General Manager, Oscar Mayer Andrew Louie
  • Director, General Manager, Oscar Mayer Emily Kerschner
  • Associate Director, Marketing Megan Magnuson Lang
  • Sr. Associate Brand Manager Abby Allsop
  • Director Kyle Sauer
  • Production Company Neighborhood Watch
  • Executive Producer Trace Carlson
  • Agency Johannes Leonardo
  • Chief Creative Officer Jan Jacobs
  • Chief Creative Officer Leo Premutico
  • Creative Director Rachel Frederick
  • Creative Director Maclean Jackson
  • Creative Director John Regan
  • Creative Director Bryan Barnes
  • Creative Director Allison Lackey
  • Senior Copywriter Jordan Dodson
  • Senior Art Director Amanda Younger
  • Senior Copywriter Celia Mortlock
  • Design Director Charles Watlington
  • Designer Christina Hillman
  • Director of Creative Resources Camilla Scales
  • Senior Project Manager Sarah Scardillo
  • Head of Production & Operations Maria Perez
  • Group Executive Producer Brett Fisher
  • Senior Producer (Film) Doug Moffitt
  • Senior Producer (Film) Danica Rosen
  • Senior Producer (Film) Miral Patel
  • Senior Producer (Print) Frannie Schultz
  • Producer (Digital) Rose Mahan
  • President Bryan Yasko
  • Managing Director Emily Wilcox
  • Group Account Director Elektra O’Malley
  • Account Director Peter Burgwald
  • Account Supervisor Jocelyn Choi
  • Account Supervisor Joel Bebasa
  • Account Manager Eddy Cao
  • Head of Strategy Mark Aronson
  • Group Strategy Director Emily Elias
  • Senior Strategist Donovan Triplett
  • Head of Communications Strategy Megan Piro
  • Communications Strategy Director Charley Cobbin
  • Communications Strategy Director Adam Van Dyke
  • Business Affairs Director Alesa Blanchard-Nelson
  • Business Affairs Associate Director Cindy Gines
  • Traffic Manager Sargia Green
  • Editorial Company Whitehouse Post
  • Editor Matt Badger
  • Producer Ryan Smith
  • Sound Design Barking Owl


A look inside our CG sandwich

A lighthearted hybrid of a mattress ad and a comically large sambo? Yes please! From R&D and previz to look dev and design, explore the ingredients below.