Director Frank Grecco - Carbon
Agency Leo Burnett

Case Study


  • Director Frank Grecco
  • Design & Animation Carbon
  • Executive Producer Phil Linturn
  • Senior Producer Sue McNamara
  • CG Supervisor Frank Grecco
  • CG Lead Artist Yongho Kim
  • 2D Lead Artist Blake Druery
  • Designer Richard Lampasone


  • Client Tillamook
  • Agency Leo Burnett
  • CCO Britt Nolan
  • COO Liz Taylor
  • Executive VP, Head of Strategy Sam Cescau
  • Executive VP, Creative Director Sarah Block
  • Senior VP, Creative Director, Copywriter Jeff Candido
  • Senior VP, Design Director Alex Fuller
  • Associate Creative Director, Art Director Marlus Lau
  • Art Director Diego Benitez
  • Senior Copywriter Alejandro Zarate
  • Associate Creative Director, Copywriter Maicon Silveira
  • Associate Creative Director, Art Director Will Santos
  • Senior VP, Executive Producer Bridget Rose
  • Senior Producer Elizabeth Ritten, Solana Froment
  • SVP, Account Director Sarah Kaminsky
  • VP, Account Director Jamie Mack
  • Account Director Rachel Lui
  • Assistant Account Executive Kristina Gurgone
  • VP, Strategy Director Lisa Ivy
  • Senior Strategist Bonni Dinerstein
  • Senior VP, Head of Communications Strategy Brian Brydon
  • Executive VP, Head of Data Intelligence Alissa Coronna
  • Director, Strategy Julia Aaker
  • Sound PXP
  • Creative Director, Audio Jason Ryan
  • Senior Producer Joe Naranjo

It’s finally here! A “high-tech” solution to protect your delicious Tillamook ice cream.

First launched on Jimmy Kimmel Live, this fun campaign from Leo Burnett and HELO helps chocolate lovers safeguard their beloved Tillamook ice cream from prying eyes by making it disappear 🙌.

Introducing Tillamook’s ‘iScreen.’ We had a (cocoa filled) blast crafting the product’s reveal film. Directed by Carbon’s Frank Grecco, our approach was all about animating the light, macro level textures, slow camera pulls and rotations, dry ice fx … and lots of (ahem) product research 🍨.

With a perfect parody VO from Josh Gad, striking the right tone between playfulness and high end product launch with our visuals was the cherry on top.

Grab a spoon and dive in below.

iScreen in Action on Jimmy Kimmel

Ice Cream Assets & Ice Cream Angles 😋

And what’s this futuristic product made from? Lenticular plastic! Our team played with light, texture, and render settings to truthfully display this wonder product at its slickest.



Final Frozen Film