Director Matthew Stevens - Carbon

Case Study


  • Creative Director Mat Stevens
  • Executive Producer Matt McManus
  • Producer Lauryn Grimando
  • 3D Lead Sam Giersimcuzk
  • Desigenr/Modeler Ben Girdwood
  • Modeler Piotr Glabinski
  • Modeler Steven Browning
  • Rigger Martin Gunnarsson
  • Rigger/Animator Ohad Bracha
  • Animator Joshua Merck
  • Animator Alex Rumsa
  • Animator Katie Heady
  • Animator/Lighter Quin Barclay
  • Animator/Lighter -Sean Skube
  • 2D Animator Carolina Lopez
  • 2D Animator/Compositor Wes Kandal
  • Groom Supervisor Jesús Fernández
  • Mid Groom TD Muhammad Waseem
  • Junior Groom TF Marcelo Roberto Souza


  • Client Mattel
  • Creative Director Danielle Viale
  • Head of Video Production Lorraine Kraus
  • Sr. Writer Erin Foote
  • Art Director Yen Nguyen
  • Account Director Lisa Baca
  • Choreographer Richy Jackson
  • Sr. Manager Tenille Fonseca
  • S&P Associate Sonora Chase
  • Editorial Company Whitehouse Post
  • Editor James Dierx
  • Assistant Editor Nelson Mustain
  • Producer Jordan Stricklin

The world of Barbie is vibrant, colorful, and filled with movement. It was time to celebrate all of these things in their music video ‘Extra,’ directed by Carbon’s Mat Stevens. And celebrate we did.

Carbon’s partnership with Mattel resulted in this bright fully CG campaign and music video, inspired by Barbie’s style and infused with Barbie’s contemporary identity. Our design team created over forty fun films, all the way from teasers and unique doll videos to a very “Extra” music video.

We began by crafting storyboards and styleframes, and worked these looks into a choreographed dance routine filmed live with professional dancers. From there, we created CG versions of our five Barbie characters with the all-essential accessories: pets, fur coats, and hair. From the bright, poppy environments to additional hand drawn animations and motion graphics, we love the music video world we created.

Mattel sure do know how to bring the “Extra” to Barbie!