Cedar Fair
Steel Vengeance
Director Carbon
Agency Cramer-Krasselt

Case Study

Cedar Fair – Hardware

Carbon once again teams up with Cramer Krasselt to design, direct and produce four more cgi films to promote the awesome new Cedar Fair coasters: HangTime, Steel Vengeance, Rail Blazer, and Twisted Timbers. We had the chance to mobilize a ‘tri-coastal’ team of super-skilled artists in our Chicago, Los Angeles and New York studios.


  • Production Company Carbon
  • Director Gary Fouchy
  • EP/Managing Director Phil Linturn
  • Creative Director Liam Chapple
  • Producer Beth Skopp
  • Storyboards Dan MacDonald
  • Concept Art Vincent Morin
  • Concept Art Felip Hansen
  • Matte Painting Ben Girdwood
  • Matte Painting Henrik Holmberg
  • Matte Painting Mark Ross
  • CG Lead Tim Little
  • CG Carlos Sandoval
  • CG Todd Kumpf
  • CG Gary Fouchy
  • CG Ben Girdwood
  • CG Mike Marsek
  • CG Chin Lee


  • CG Jeremy Ontiveros
  • CG Jimmy San
  • CG Quin Barclay
  • CG Petur Arnorsson
  • CG Steve Burger
  • Ocean FX TD Chris Friesen
  • Comp Lead Daniel Pernikoff
  • Comp Adam Thompson
  • Comp Danny Noren
  • Comp Tim Little
  • Comp Chris Beers
  • Comp Jon Jamison
  • 2D Animation Luca Vitale
  • 2D Animation Andy Kennedy
  • 2D Animation Sebastien Iglesias
  • 2D Animation Peter Ahern
  • Color Jeff Altman
  • Finish Michael Anderson


In the early development stage, our style frames pushed these films into a more graphic space, even incorporating 2d animated elements to enhance the 3d action. The rest of the magic was achieved through a combination of digital matte painting, detailed sculpting, complex simulations and effects, all brought together by our fantastic Nuke compositing and color team.


The resulting 4 films are an adrenaline-fueled race through desert landscapes, twisting canyons, enchanted orchards and the crashing waves of the Californian coast.