Design & Animation Reel

Case Study


  • Design & Animation Carbon


  • Reel Editor Dan Zabinski

New Design & Animation Reel out now! Turn up the volume and watch the work that we’re really proud of!

A collection of projects for brands, agencies and artists made by Carbon with love. Thanks to all the clients and partners that made this wonderful work with us.

Extra shout out to all the talent at Carbon who smashed it out of the park for our Carbon logo challenge. The question – How many weird and wonderful things can you do with the Carbon logo?! The answer – watch our reel to find out.

If you liked what you saw and wanted more, we made a playlist of all full films featured in our reel below.

Brizo – Jason Wu


Calvin Harris, The Weeknd – Over Now


Famous Footwear – Fresh Family + Holidays


DoorDash – Shishito


DoorDash – Fish Roe


Teflon – Reimagined


WHOOP – Know Yourself Anthem


Invitae – Everything Delivered


Verizon – 5G Built For Gamers


Essilor – Out of Focus


Barbie EXTRA (Oh My Wow!)


Maybelline – Super Brand Day


Cedar Fair – Steel Vengeance


Cedar Fair – Railblazer


Seresto – MOA Cat


Hot Dog Fan


Facebook – Oculus Rift