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Case Study


  • Creative Director Jeff Boddy
  • Executive Producer Matthew McManus
  • Head of Production Tina Starkweather
  • Producer Sean Russell
  • Creative Lead Matthew Stevens
  • Character Designer Tuna Bora
  • Storyboard Artist Bill Halliar
  • Animator/Illustrator Katrina Zimmerman
  • Animator/Illustrator Michael Relth
  • Animator Lizzi Anaka
  • Composition/Conform Rob Foster
  • Designer Caro Lopez
  • 3D Artist Frank Grecco


  • Client Invitae
  • Agency The Many
  • Producer Trevor Paperny
  • Art Director Frank Garguilo
  • Copy Writer Noah Sacksteder
  • ACD Annie Johnston
  • ACD Ashley Milhollin
  • Managing Director Maggie Cadigan
  • Sr. Project Manager Nicole King
  • Sound Design Beacon Street Studios

Carbon teamed up with genetics health tech company Invitae on this animated campaign. The colorful film showcases Invitaeā€™s at-home genetic screening kits, created to make the journey of parenthood as smooth and comforting as possible.

From character design and storyboards to 3D references and 2D/cel hybrid animation, the whole Carbon team worked across all aspects of the design and animation.

Explore the concept art and style frames that led to the beautiful final film.