Awaken Your Intensity
Director Liam Chapple - Carbon
Agency TPN

Case Study


  • Production Carbon
  • Director Liam Chapple 
  • Executive Producer Matthew McManus 
  • Producer Jonah Mueller 
  • DP Bjorn Amundsen
  • Design, VFX & Color Carbon
  • Producer Lauren DeFelice 
  • Executive Producer, Color Laurie Adrianopoli 
  • On Set Supervisor Frank Grecco 
  • 2D Lead Artist Blake Druery 
  • CG Supervisor Frank Grecco
  • Colorist Julien Biard 
  • 2D Artists Jennifer Howard, Krissy Nordella
  • CG Artists Will Moody, Sam Gierasimczuk 
  • Designers Ben Girdwood, Momo Zhao, Mark Alan Yates, Tom Basis, Carlos Nieto 
  • Animators Andrew Boccio, Chris Lesage 
  • FX Ryan Hussain


  • Agency TPN
  • Group Account Director Emily Gorman
  • Account Supervisor Megan Robinson
  • Senior Creative Director Kasey Moore

  • Producer Joy Carson
  • Senior Concept Director Matthew Dudek
  • Content Creator Melissa Adame
  • Editorial Company Whithouse Post
  • Editor Dan Zabinski
  • Sound & Music Company Another Country

How this ‘hot content’ was made

Carbon’s Liam Chapple served up some HOT new content in our latest work for Takis. Full of classic 80’s film vibes, mixed with comic book and anime style, the film launches Takis’ new Dragon Sweet Chili flavor. And we mean that literally – this baby gets launched like a fluorescent firework.

We mixed together lots of our favorite ingredients for this one – live action, CGI, 2D anime style FX, type design, and of course the secret ingredient, a neon dragon. Just like the tasty snacks themselves, the spot starts off sweet and finishes with an intensely spicy kick.

We’re also cooking up a Takis ‘Making Of,’ full of styleframes, our dragon design process, on set fun around the fire pit, and how we planned these Matrix style moves, through to all the CGI and effects. So, come back soon. In the meantime, enjoy a tasty behind the scenes teaser above.


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