Maryland Lottery
Holiday Marching Tickets
Director Liam Chapple - Carbon
Agency GKV & REJ

Case Study


  • Director Liam Chapple
  • Production Company Carbon
  • Head of Production Tia Perkins
  • Senior Producer Krystle Timm
  • Colorist Julien Biard
  • Executive Producer, Color Laurie Adrianopoli
  • VFX Supervisor Tobey Lindback
  • 2D Artist Blake Druery
  • 2D Artist Jen Howard
  • CG Lead Frank Grecco
  • Animator Andrew Boccio
  • Animator Alex Rumsa
  • Animator Rob Somers
  • Lighting Frank Grecco
  • Lighting Dan Fine
  • Lighting Jessie Amadio
  • FX Ryan Hussain
  • FX Kevin Gillen


  • Brand Maryland Lottery
  • Managing Director Sales & Marketing Solomon Ramsey
  • Director of Creative Services Jill Baer
  • Senior Advertising Manager Barb Jones-Frederick
  • Digital Manager Melanie Looser
  • Agency GKV
  • Senior Vice President David Blum
  • VP, Account Director Marnie Rogow
  • Account Executive Aly Pacitti
  • Creative Director, Art Chris Stark
  • Broadcast Producer Laura Jag
  • Agency Producer REJ
  • President/CEO Elliott Wiley
  • Agency Producer/VP, Director of Production Trey Fales
  • Producer Fred Ruff
  • Account Manager Jen Comotto
  • Editorial Company Whitehouse Post
  • Editor Dan Zabinski
  • Assistant Editor Paul Chung
  • Executive Producer Brooke Williams
  • Head of Production Melanie Klein
  • Audio & SFX Cleancuts

Carbon director Liam Chapple sleigh-ed in our latest holiday campaign for the Maryland Lottery.

A festive tale of gifting, we flew into the holiday season and helped our cast of scratch card heroes find their place among presents, greeting cards and stockings (spoiler alert: with a little hidden love story along the way!).

Working closely with the creative team at GKV and agency producer REJ on how to bring the characters to life, Carbon’s role entailed everything from script and concept development during the pitch stage, through to storyboards, concept art, shoot production, animation, VFX and color.

‘Bringing the characters to life in a way that felt grown up was essential,’ explains Liam. ‘Instead of having the cards run, and act like little cartoon characters, we developed the idea to have a flying card act as the delivery vehicle.’

Meticulous planning was essential to pull off our one-day shoot. Lensed by cinematographer Bjorn Amundsen, a repeat Carbon collaborator, he worked his magic again.

‘We gave each of the characters names and created individual personalities for them. I personally love to push this backstory element of all animated characters. It really helps to inform the animation team on how they move, think and act. We imagined one as an elegant older woman, used to the red carpet treatment. One or two of the others were Red Bull extreme sports fanatics. See if you can guess who’s who from the film…’

Our holiday spot ends with a happily ever after for the star delivery card. ‘There is a love story sort of hidden in the ending between the delivery guy and the delivery card.’ ends Liam. ‘They were meant to be together. Luckily the stars aligned for them to both be winners. You’ll notice the card is literally head-over-heels when it bursts through the letterbox. Their love language is delivering holiday spirit!’