Old Spice
Marshmello x Casey Frey
Director Christian Breslauer - Lucky Bastards Inc, London Alley

Case Study

When the scent drops and you just…wow!

Explosive VFX from Carbon for Old Spice’s killer new scent, from director Christian Breslauer with EDM soundtrack courtesy of Marshmello and Casey Frey.


  • Executive Producer Matt McManus
  • Producer Nathan Lueptow
  • CG Artist Mike Penny
  • CG Artist John Pozo


  • Brand Old Spice
  • Director Christian Breslauer
  • Production Company Lucky Bastards Inc, London Alley
  • Executive Producer Luga Podesta, Christian Breslauer
  • Producer Mike Breslauer
  • Line Producer Nick Pistone
  • Production Manager Blaise Dolcemaschio
  • Production Coordinator Anthony Nelson
  • Management The Shalizi Group, Krista Carnegie
  • Director of Photography Elias Talbot
  • 1st AC A Cam Philip Hoang
  • 2nd AC Ethan Smith
  • DIT Miko Hughes
  • VTR Kai Morrison
  • Gaffer Brian Hickman
  • BBE Adam Flores
  • Electric Richie Arana
  • Electric Daniel Carrillo
  • Key Grip Adam Shambour
  • BBG Jay Lopez
  • Grip Josh Smith
  • Grip Richie Warren
  • Programmer Chris Van Lieshout
  • Production Designer Sinister Manus
  • Art Direction Veronica Xiana
  • Set Dec Bryson Pintard
  • Key Makeup Olga Tarnovetska
  • Stylist Kate Broadrick
  • Editor Cal Laird
  • Color Company 3
  • Colorist Bryan Smaller
  • Key PA Darryl Milana
  • PA James Hirschfeld
  • PA Sergio Guzman
  • PA Justice Silvera
  • Camera Bokeh Rentals
  • Lights Red Lighting
  • Grip Phantom Grip Co