Lucky Charms
Director Liam Chapple - Carbon
Agency Anomaly

Case Study


  • Production Carbon
  • Director Liam Chapple
  • Executive Producer Matt McManus
  • Producer John Malina
  • DP Taylor McIntosh
  • Design, VFX & Color Carbon
  • Executive Producer Matt McManus
  • Head of Production Tina Starkweather
  • Producer Dillard Brown, Caroline Goujard
  • Executive Producer, Color Natalie Westerfield
  • On Set Supervisor Jessie Amadio
  • CG Supervisor Jessie Amadio
  • 2D Supervisor Blake Druery
  • Colorist Bree Brackett, Julien Biard
  • CG Artists Sam Gierasimczuk, Dan Fine, Mirelle Underwood, Atsuki Hirose, Logan Pittman, Justin Diamond
  • Compositors Jennifer Howard, Andrew Siner, Hannah Barnes
  • Designers Yongho Kim, Ben Girdwood
  • Animators Sam Gierasimczuk, Andrew Boccio
  • FX Ryan Hussain
  • DMP Carlos Nieto
  • Styleframes Jessen Cao
  • StoryBoards Mark Alan Yates


  • Agency Anomaly
  • Creative Directors Sara Oakley, Melissa Wood
  • Associate Creative Director Catie Blalock
  • Copywriter & Art Director Jasmine Espejo, Brandi Kemp
  • Agency Producer Lizzy Corriere
  • Editorial Company Whitehouse Post
  • Editor Dan Zabinski
  • Sound Company Barking Owl
  • 2D Cell Animation Calabash

Partnering with the creative team at Anomaly, Carbon’s Liam Chapple obviously hopped, skipped and jumped at the chance to direct the king of breakfast cereals, Lucky the Leprechaun, in this series of fun films.

First up, Lucky uses his powers to enter the ‘Luckyverse’ through a magic portal. And sorry kids, you’ll never catch him! Just as fast as he dives in, he escapes again through one of a multitude of charmed doorways. Second on the menu, Lucky enlists a friendly dragon to help him swoop up his Lucky Charms in ‘Creature from the Milk Lagoon.’

How The Secret Cereal is Made

The tasty combination of CG worlds, live action and Lucky’s character animation (added by the wonderful folks at Calabash) meant we meticulously planned the cameras and layout for each scene.

Our young cast were fantastic! We had props and set dressing (AKA giant boulder archways and pathways) to engage their minds and help imagine the fantastical worlds around them. There may have been a Lucky Charms snack break or two thrown in there too…

Styleframes and World Building

From enchanted forests to magic portals and charmed doorways, we designed and built the Luckyverse to be a place for endless adventure (and endless rainbow swirls).


Breakfast is Served: Storyboards to Finished Films

There are easter eggs hidden throughout the milk lagoon. How many Lucky Charms can you spot in the landscape?

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