Dare to Combine
Director Liam Chapple - Carbon
Agency OKRP

Case Study


  • Production Company Carbon
  • Director Liam Chapple
  • Executive Producer Jon Rosenberg
  • HoP Tia Perkins
  • Producer Pat Fischer
  • DP Dan Frantz
  • Design, VFX & Color Carbon
  • Senior Producer Lauren DeFelice
  • Producer Caroline Goujard
  • VFX & On Set Supervisor Blake Druery
  • CG Supervisor Jessie Amadio
  • Executive Producer, Color Laurie Adrianapoli
  • Colorists Julien Briard, Jeff Altman
  • Gummies Team
  • CG Artists Frank Grecco, Andrew Boccio, Will Moody
  • 2D Artists Andrew Siner, Jen Howard, Michael Sarabia
  • Designers Tyler Heacox, Yongho Kim, Shawn Astrom, Joey Gasiorek
  • Ropes Team
  • CG Artists Frank Grecco, Logan Pittman, Ryan Hussain, Sam Gierasimczuk, Will Moody
  • 2D Artists Jen Howard, Michael Sarabia
  • Designer Mihai Munteanu
  • DMP Carlos Nieto
  • FX Brandon McFarland


  • Brand SweeTARTS
  • Agency OKRP
  • Sr. Producer Corrine Serritella
  • Group Creative Director Anna Kate Roche
  • Associate Creative Director / Art Guy Madjar
  • Creative Director / Writer Juliette Fennell
  • Sr. Production Business Affairs Robin Bisel
  • Head of Client Business Betsy Ross
  • Account Director Leah Buchaklian
  • Account Executive Sarah Klotz
  • Project Manager Kassie Cicchinelli
  • Edit House Whitehouse Post
  • Editor Matt Badger
  • Sound Design Wave Studios

From Carbon director Liam Chapple, we teamed up with SweeTARTS and OKRP to create a campaign that was all about being fun, surprising, and combining the unexpected.

Each film came to fruition (sorry, not sorry), through the combination of colorful blasts, TEXTures (still not sorry) and hyper-realistic rendering (spoiler alert, the Twisted Rainbow Ropes room is 100% CGI).

Twisted Rainbow Ropes

If you’re not combining sweet with tart, are you even living? We used choreographed fruit movements (just another day in the office), stylised camera moves and colorful CGI environments to emphasize the juicy moment our two flavor styles combine.


Gummies Splitz

Meet the soft silky movements of SMILES and the cheeky snap of BITES. What better way to tell the classic tale of sweet Vs. tart than with crafted kinetic text.