Melanie Martinez
VOID | Music Video
Director Melanie Martinez

Case Study


  • VFX, Design & Color Carbon
  • Executive Producer Matthew McManus
  • Head of Production Tina Starkweather
  • Creative Director Mat Stevens
  • Senior Producer Nathan Lueptow
  • Executive Producer, Color Natalie Westerfield
  • 2D Lead Artist Michael Sarabia
  • VFX Supervisor Isaac Irvin
  • CG Asset Lead Will Moody
  • Animation Lead Alex Rumsa
  • Colorist Bree Brackett
  • Color Assist Zoe Rain Lambert
  • Compositors Andrew Siner, Jonah Hall, Navid Bagherzadeh, Yulien “Janice” Tsu, Sven Dreesbach, Michael Glen, Greg Gilpatrick, Hannah Barnes
  • CG Artists (Assets, lighting, rigging)  Mike Penny, Logan Pittman, Isaac Irvin, Mark Wurts, Caleb Olivant, Todd Peleg, Chris Lesage, 
  • Animator Andrew Boccio 
  • FX Ryan Hussain, Brandon McFarland
  • Designers Ben Girdwood, Yong Ho Kim
  • Matte Painter Ben Girdwood


  • Director Melanie Martinez
  • Executive Producer Wes Teshome
  • Production Service Company Dojohouse
  • Producer Abi Perl
  • Executive Producer Danny Pollack
  • Production Manager Autumn Maschi
  • Production Coordinator Chris San Andres
  • 1st AD Jasmine Thomas
  • Director of Photography Nyk Allen
  • Production Designer Wesley Goodrich
  • Stunt Coordinator Charles Gresham
  • Costume Design Melanie Martinez
  • Costume Construction Muto Little
  • Key Prosthetics & Key Special Makeup Effects Malina Stearn
  • Stylist Brett Alan Nelson
  • Key Hair William Scott Blair
  • Choreographer Jas Lin
  • Marketing Michelle Bodnar
  • Video Operations Lily Thrall
  • Edit Company Digital Sword
  • Editor Aris Cline

Hot off the ethereal heels of ‘DEATH’ (the track that saw Melanie Martinez’s PORTALS album debut at Number 2 on the coveted Billboard 200 🚀), we continued our collaboration with the multi-platinum artist on the follow up music video ‘VOID.’  
The first thing you need to know about ‘VOID’ is… it is FULL of fantasy realms and creatures. Carbon creative director Mat Stevens and team were psyched to jump back in with Melanie and continue the adventures of her new otherworldly form.

“I love working with artists who are passionate about drawing fans into a whole universe,” explains Mat. “There’s a unique feel to everything Melanie does, all underpinned by intricately thought through ideas. She knew what she wanted, and this is where Carbon’s skills were perfect for turning these vivid concepts into fully formed worlds.”

“We talked through the story, made styleframes and storyboards, and developed the right visual language to truly understand the aesthetic of PORTALS. The fun lay in finding the perfect balance between fairytale and horror, while embracing Melanie’s distinctive pastel color palette and desaturated milky tones.”

‘VOID’ sees Melanie journey through an almost entirely CG world. Along the way she encounters a beating CG heart, a giant eyeball, a huge worm with flowers bursting from a gaping wound, and a whole host of creepy crawlies – beetles, centipedes, swarms of bugs and moths (thank you, Unreal Engine!). With a cast like this, who wouldn’t want to get a closer look at the ‘VOID’? You’re in luck, all you need to do is keep scrolling..!

Did we mention the army of 100% CGI Melanie clones yet? Starting with a full body scan using a 360 camera rig, they were all designed and built in house by our team of artists. In the blink of four eyes, we also recreated Melanie’s face to animate those now iconic blinking eyes and then seamlessly integrated them with the live action costume.

This was an epic variety of environments and characters to design and create, and we had a blast doing shoot supervision with the killer team at Dojohouse. Thank you Melanie, for another dream collaboration! With four million views in the first four days, we can’t wait to see all the fan reactions.

Prizes available to anyone who can count all the Easter eggs… submit your answers to the ‘VOID’ 😉