Miller Lite
Canimations // NFL
Director Rob Foster - Carbon
Agency Inside Ideas

Case Study


  • Production Company Carbon
  • Director Rob Foster
  • Executive Producer Gretchen Praeger
  • Senior Producer Lauryn Grimando
  • Lead Designer Katrina Zimmerman
  • Designers Mikhail Pakhomov, Matt Beharry
  • Animators Katrina Zimmerman, Peter Ahern, Mikhail Pakhomov, Suejee Lee


  • Brand Miller Lite
  • Agency Inside Ideas
  • Account Manager Sofia Bazianos
  • Creative Director Bryan Haupt
  • Integrated Producer Adriana Loayza
  • Traffic Manager Chantel Suman
  • Studio Manger Nicole Bishop
  • Sound Company Wave Music
  • Sound Designer Chris Afzal

We partnered with Miller Lite and Inside Ideas for the latest installment of ‘Canimations’ this NFL Season. Directed by Carbon’s Rob Foster, our team crushed it (sometimes literally!)

To kick things off, each NFL team shared a few key themes that were important to their franchise and city for us to craft a (4 second 🙌) story around. We then storyboarded, designed, and animated each football filled film.

“Seeing exactly how much energy we could cram into such a short length of time was a fun challenge.  We wanted to make sure there was plenty of action so each fanbase could get excited and feel properly represented,” says Rob.

Keep scrolling to dive into the world of the Chicago Bears, New York Giants, Cincinnati Bengals, New York Jets, Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys, and Detroit Lions.