Arm & Hammer
Director Liam Chapple - Carbon
Agency The VIA Agency

Case Study


  • Production Carbon
  • Director Liam Chapple
  • Executive Producer Matthew McManus 
  • Head of Production Tia Perkins
  • Production EP Derek Goldsmith
  • DP Bjorn Amundsen
  • Line Producer Emily Weinstein
  • Production Coordinator Katie Kranz
  • VFX & Color Carbon
  • Producers Krystle Timm, Dillard Brown
  • Executive Producer, Color Laurie Andrianopoli
  • Head of Production Joe Hobaica
  • On Set Supervisor Frank Grecco
  • CG Lead Frank Grecco
  • 2D Lead Blake Druery
  • Lead Animator Andrew Boccio
  • Lead FX Ryan Hussain
  • Lead Groom Artist Ourania Mourta
  • Colorist Julien Biard
  • 2D Artists Jen Howard, Hannah Barnes, Andres Gomez 
  • CG Artists Dan Fine, Will Moody, Ryan Hussain
  • Design Ben Girdwood, John Doliner, Juan Diego Leon
  • Storyboards Mark Alan Yates


  • Client Arm & Hammer
  • Agency The VIA Agency
  • Production Lead Amy McCammon
  • Director of Integrated Production Christopher McLallen
  • Executive Creative Director Malaika Danovitz
  • Associate Creative Director Renata Chimenti
  • Associate Director of Client Strategy Abby Cote
  • Group Client Strategy Director Sarah Blais
  • Business Management Director Connie Glynn
  • Producer Wendy Vall
  • Editorial Company Whitehouse Post
  • Editor Dan Zabinski

We are LITTERally obsessed with this new Arm & Hammer campaign. From The VIA Agency and directed by Carbon’s Liam Chapple, meet the new HardBall Lightweight Litter.

When it comes to anthropomorphic cats (relatable, we know), we all know what cat faces look like and anything too unrealistic would stand out instantly. Nailing those micromovements was essential – tiny eye dilations, twitches of lips, flicking of ears.

Realistic fur is all about how it reacts to light and movement. We went through several iterations to get the purrfect (not sorry) amount of clumping, scruff and silkiness required.

In ‘real life,’ cats do their smiling (and mocking) with their eyes. Giving our tabby a realistic mouth smile meant getting the eyes just right too.

For the live action shoot, working closely with our amazing partners at the VIA Agency, we designed and built the bedroom set. We hid a few easter eggs along the way for those eagle eye kitty litter connoisseurs out there. See if you can find them all – glass of milk, knitting wool, fishing magazine, fish themed bed linens…

Stay tuned for our full ‘behind the scenes’ scoop 😏 #ComingSoon

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